The Famous Lewis’ Grotto

The grotto entertained generations of Liverpudlians, with parts dating back to the 60’s. Due to the closure of it’s former home Rapid in 2017, the owner Mike Done, struggled to find it a suitable home. We secured a deal with the Liverpool council to home the grotto in St. Johns Market, We then in 18 days built a 7500 square foot event space with an additional 2500 square foot retail space. The grotto received thousands of happy customers, provided 20+ seasonal jobs and most notably gained itself a home for the foreseeable future.

On top of the design and print I designed the layout though detailed CAD drawings and built an event photography system from scratch in three days. I then managed the grotto throughout it’s busiest periods. Not many graphic designers get to say they’ve built a grotto, let alone helped to save a famous one.

Skills: Attraction Design, Experience Design, Large Format Print, Graphic Design,  Sourcing, Project Management

Roles: Project Manager, Art Direction, Graphic Designer